• Safran Aromatic


    Safranaromatic SARL has been operating since 2010 between the Pic St Loup region (north of Montpellier) and the Cevennes. This remarkable geographical situation allows us to have the lands and the essences necessary for our activity.

  • Activity

    The clay-limestone lands are excellent for the production of Safran on a human scale. This activity goes back to the beginning of the creation of the company.

    Followed very quickly the production of essential oils such as juniper twigs and cade wood whose essences grow abundantly in this region.

    In order to expand our range of products on the market, we have allied with several producers and can now offer a dozen essential oils all produced in France.

  • Our products are exported all over Europe and Safranaromatic has the experience of working with companies in the field of aromas and cosmetics.

    The high quality of our products is our priority.

    All our products are 100% pure and natural, origin France